A high growth, tech driven,
business intelligence company

Incredibly easy to understand, BAM® is a single source of real time, unbiased, actionable analytics products – created to improve insights, control and ROI that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Using the widest range of integrated connectivity available today:

Create a complete overview of marketing and sales performance

Patented technology

A patented lead indicator of marketing performance and brand efficacy, using the widest range of real-time consumer behaviour analytics available, to eliminate inaccurate post surveys reporting and increase unbiased actionable reporting.

Drive business growth

BAM is built on a business information framework and integrates information from the broadest database available anywhere today. Supported by a superior global team of data scientists, statisticians, mathematicians, data analytics and marketing SMEs, our category specific algorithm makes it easy to understand the big picture that is most relevant to the user and take action to drive business growth.

Monitor real-time marketing performance against key competitors