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BAM® Analytix is an advanced brand operating system engineered for profitable growth.


BAM is the only marketing analytics system available today that connects all the dots between the disparate data of paid mass and digital, earned and owned media contribution, towards brand strength and marketing outcomes.


BAM has a U.S. patent as the only unbiased platform, offering end-to-end marketing intelligence of consumer behavior, towards brand and marketing effectiveness and efficiency. All delivered from a single source, using real-time, large-scale consumer behavior data.


Real-Time Brand Strength Monitoring

Measuring the brand equity, consumer connectivity, and its ability to influence consumer decision making, in real time.

Real Time Brand Equity Contribution To Performance

Know how much your brand equity is contributing to marketing performance for any given time period in any market.

Competitive Performance Monitoring

Superior insights from understanding the context of the marketplace during a given period, in any market.

Real Time Marketing Performance Monitoring

Know and optimize real time end to end marketing efforts towards your goals and brand equity.

Real Time Consumer Attraction

See the tangible measurable results of your brand’s consumer attraction vs the competition for any given period, in any market.

Real Time Media Efficiency Monitoring

See how efficient your total marketing efforts are in relation to the marketplace for any given period, in any market.

BAM is always on, measuring the biggest brands in the context of the biggest categories, all in real time.

BAM monitors the baseline data required for more relevant and insightful analytics than survey data alone can.

BAM always-on technological platform measures the context of the marketplace against any brand to provide the most accurate and compelling end-to-end marketing reports, on demand, for any given time period.

BAM is the only all-in-one end-to-end marketing dashboard that informs how well one brand is performing in attracting consumers versus key competitors, for greater learning and insight.

All Media Monitored

Real time, end-to-end marketing provides greater insights in combining the resources of mass, digital paid, earned owned media towards greater brand strength and campaign performance.

Better Than Single Source Data

BAM answers today’s marketer’s biggest concerns: “How effective and efficient are my overall marketing efforts and how can I optimize them?”

24/7 Monitoring

Now, C-Suite executives and senior marketers can monitor how strong their brand is and how effective their marketing efforts are at any given time, in any market, against key competitors.

Clients’ Like It

“BAM gets marketers out of the weeds of lower channel analytics to enable them to see the big picture of their marketing efforts without bias or pretence.”
– Phil Donne, former CEO Campbell Co., Canada
Average number of data points informing a report
Average number channel inputs per report
Average number of consumer behavior points per report
Amount of data points stored for AI learning
Fast Food Graph
Fast Food Graph Single Score

Choose a Region

The power and convenience to choose national or local DMA reports.

Choose the Competitors

The control to pick the competitors or let the system pick the biggest ones for you.

Choose the Sources

From a large list of inputs, you can choose the ones that matter or let the algorithm do if for you.

Choose a Time Frame

The ability to choose and select any time period, 'from and to'.